It’s time to talk about the REAL leadership role of women

By Kirsty Greenshields

We’ve been hoodwinked! And it’s time to pull off the covers and expose the truth.

Women still think we have to make it, and have SUCCESS, in a man’s world of money, success, and a misconception of ‘having it all’, instead of recognising that our version of success is so much more fun. And sexier!

My discussions about the transition of the leadership of humanity started with a friend, over a couple of champagnes, during new year celebrations 2013/2014.

She was a high-flying, SUCCESSFUL, journalist, whose words encourage deep waves of emotion in me every time I read her work. She decided to leave the bravado of the news room behind, and begin a new career as a self-employed freelance writer.

She asked me, an ex-Australian army intelligence officer turned naturopath, what we could be doing to encourage women to stay in these careers.

My answer was “nothing”. She looked at me, shocked. “Why ever not? Shouldn’t we want to create better conditions in these environments, so women will want to stay? So they feel more valued? So they can experience SUCCESS as a Mother, and as a Professional Woman?”



The way I see it, our world is in a phase of transition. More people are discovering that the old, masculine paradigms of competition, lies, deceit, lack of direction, are not what they want for our world anymore.

Women figure this out faster than men, in many cases. So women leave these environments first, and once they leave they discover they feel HAPPIER, LIGHTER even, now they’re not in it anymore.

Once women connect to what’s really important to them, the success criteria of the modern western world begins to pale in comparison.


As women turn away from the old ways of success, more and more men become lost, because this supposed way of being a man – this illusion of ‘success’, which comes at the expense of the health of our Mother Earth – no longer resonates with them either. And they’re not sure what to do with this ‘feeling’. But often they continue to hide there, because they don’t know any other way.

Men, and our world, require strong female leaders who are prepared NOT to match them in a man’s world, but to contribute to a base of leadership that is about the real values of life as a human being.

Strong female leaders demonstrate the immense true POWER of collaboration, of beauty, of conviction, over the falsity and fragility of artificial structures based around money, greed and mistrust.


I believe Embodiment of The Sacred Feminine Warrior is required by all women – especially those of us who have had the courage to step away from this competitive paradigm already – to lead men and our world to their true purpose.



Western women have the ability to do this, because we have the intelligence and education to expand our power base, and we have the culture that is most accepting of women using their voice.


It is why the Dalai Lama said 

“The western woman will change the world”.


I have a lot of respect for many in the feminist movement, but I also believe that, in some cases, more damage than good was done. It left women and men feeling a little lost. Why?

The way of the feminine is not aggressive. It is not about building, or pursuing, false structures. There is no FORCE in the feminine. There is only FLOW.

Attempts at aggressively asserting our rights as women have their roots in masculine, competitive energy. Actions based on this foundation only seek to increase the divide between men and women.

Aggression is not innate in women’s nature.

A true queen (the ultimate warrior) has no need to display aggression to wield her power.

A true queen, a true feminine warrior, asserts her boundaries, by embracing all parts of herself – her dark and her light, her fierceness and her gentleness, her intuition and her intelligence.

A true queen recognises that it is in the exploration, and eventual acceptance, of her darkness and her pain where she will discover her true power. Because it is this strength that she requires to feel whole again.

As she operates from a space of power here, in her centre, she sends a ripple out across her world, and creates transformation.

true queen

All women inherently know (though may not admit) that if we are abhorred by the covert barbarism in the world right now, it is because we have pushed away our own warrior, and we are afraid we do not have the strength to handle her fierceness and true power.


Embodiment of The Sacred Feminine Warrior is needed now, to create a pathway of true power, and lead the way for men to follow.


It is time for the western woman to reconnect with those parts of herself she has judged as barbaric, as dark, as bad, as less-than, then accept them as our own, and show them compassion.

When we have the courage to do this, we will discover that we contributed to this false form of ‘leadership’, just as much as men did. This means we have the POWER to create something new, which better supports our children, and the wellbeing of our planet.

When we admit this, and when we embody ALL of our power, more men will begin to feel safer to explore this pathway too.

And the western woman truly will change the world!

real change