James Greenshields

James Greenshields

James is not just an ex-Army Major who recovered from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) after his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq back in 2007. Since then he has become known by audiences around Australia as a man with the ability to touch the heart of all who hear him speak. The ground-breaking work he does with employees of large award-winning corporations now sees him regularly consulted by leaders of these organisations, who find themselves challenged with Resilient Leadership.

James created Awakening The Warrior for men, as a result of his own journey, as he healed himself from trauma and wounds.

The development of The Young Warrior Leadership Program occurred after a Queensland school led the way and stated their requirement for a rite of passage style experience for its young men.

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Kirsty Greenshields

IMG_4004One of Kirsty’s friends recently told her she is such a great leader of love and compassion not only because she describes the process of forgiveness with such clarity, but because she exudes Love from her very being!

Since she was very young, Kirsty tried to ‘fit in’, but never felt like she did, as she pursued a successful military career.

It was only when Kirsty decided to leave the military at 27 years of age, and transition to become a natural health professional, that she truly began to follow her heart, and her life’s purpose.

Her love of the human body, and the human condition, is the fire that burns brightly inside her, and which helps her not only hold the space for her family, but to passionately share of herself so she can teach others.

Over the last 10 years, Kirsty has travelled extensively, and spent time with global teachers of health and consciousness. In 2013, Kirsty wrote and published Women Money and Intimacy – How To Create Real Wealth In Your Life. It has been described as a raw account of a woman’s struggle with life, love and money.

Kirsty created the programs for women, Embodying The Sacred Feminine Warrior and The Feminine Leadership Transformation.

Healthier Kids, Healthier Home, Happier You is available to all parents, to assist with better understanding the emotional patterns and behaviours of our children.

Kirsty holds the space, and ensures things run smoothly in the runnings of the ever-expanding Centre For Resilient Leadership.

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