Kirsty Greenshields

family photoWhenever I travel anywhere now, and I’m asked of my ‘profession’, I write ‘Mum’.

It’s the most important role I play in life, besides being a loving partner to James.

It’s taken some time for me to be comfortable with that, though. I, like most other women, believed that you had to have a ‘career’ to be successful. I believed that ‘being a mum’ was simply not enough. I must be so much more and, because I’m a woman, I should be able to juggle many roles and priorities, and do them with ease, to be a ‘SUCCESS’.

My journey has been one of understanding that true strength and leadership lies in allowing myself to recognise my own importance – as a member of my family, and as a member of community.

Once I learned this, it was no longer necessary for me to NEED TO ACHIEVE in order to FEEL successful. In fact, once I learned this, the need to achieve had nothing to do with BEING successful.

And when I integrated this knowledge into my life, everything began to FLOW so much more smoothly, like it’s all supposed to be there without me having to ‘push’ anything.

That’s why I created Embodying The Sacred Feminine Warrior, and The Feminine Leadership Transformation.  You can find out more about the programs here.

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