Warrior Meditations

These meditations have been recorded during sessions of “Awakening The Warrior Within




James guides you on a journey deep within yourself and to the Earth’s core. Experience deeper meaning in all areas of your life, as you begin to connect more deeply with your inner self


lion purpose meditationPurpose

If you’re feeling at a crossroads, or unsure of where to go next in your life, career, relationship, let James guide you on a journey within. It will help you gain greater clarity, and stronger purpose. 


relaxation meditation image


You can’t be the best leader you know you could be when you’re overwhelmed and stressed. This simple meditation will guide you on a journey to relax your body and mind.



Self Image

When James was recovering from PTSD, a guided meditation like this one helped him
envision what he wanted for himself. As a result, it also helped him remember what he liked and appreciated about himself. This guided meditation, when listened to regularly, will help you build internal confidence and self esteem.