Awakening The Warrior Within


19th – 22nd Aug 2017

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Balance – Bring balance to all areas of your life

Connection – reconnect with who you really are

Relationship – grow your connection with the most important people in your life

What is it to be YOU in today’s society? Have you ever asked yourself – Who really am I? You may have been labeled many things – sportsman, entrepreneur, lawyer, mechanic, husband, father, son, and the list goes on. But these are just roles we play in life. Some are more important than others, but they remain roles. If you believe you are a role in your life, without it you find yourself as NO-THING. This is why career change or marriage breakdown are so hard for many people.

Awakening The Warrior WithinThen there is success.

“I am successful …” But what is your definition of success? A man makes it as the Asia Pacific Salesman of the year for a global IT firm, buys the $25,000 ride on mower he’s always dreamed of and whilst sitting on it gets a hollow feeling – “is this all success is?” Many men today have thrown themselves into the corporate world or a trade stream in order to make a success of their lives. To achieve; become partner, work the way up to own a business, or pay off the house – But then what ?!? All this is predicated on the assumption that we become the goal. It is a fallacy because it misses the simple truth.     We don’t become the goal, we become the person on the journey. This one change in perspective will change your life.

Most men don’t even realize they’re lost.

Balance, or being out of balance, is much easier to understand and handle than the thought of being lost. We can tell when we’re out of balance, but quite regularly we dismiss it in favour of “I just have to finish this, or achieve that, and then everything will be fine” But if we’re honest with ourselves, that goal of ‘being fine’, always seems just out of reach.

So … who am I really?

You may by now have had an ah hah moment, or conversely be getting irritated and saying “all this is just fine, but what’s the answer?!” Either way you’re ready. And if you are the latter, we’re here to say there is no magic pill and statement. We are really great, however, at assisting people find their own answers. Ones that stick and create positive change.   Awakening The Warrior Within is a system, as Jeremy, a pilot for one of Australia’s largest airlines suggests in his interview after his personal experience.



This is an adventure of a different kind

It is a challenge beyond what you’ve faced before

Your outcome will change your world


If Your WARRIOR is not mature you will feel your life OUT OF BALANCE. You’ll feel easily taken advantage of, your Awakening The Warrior Withinrelationships will be missing a deep heart felt, balanced connection; you’ll still be searching for success in your own eyes; you’ll desire more confidence and question your decision making.

Awakening The Warrior Within assists you become a Balanced WARRIOR who:

  • sees passionate flames in their partners eyes
  • feels a strength of conviction beyond words
  • acts decisively
  • communicates clearly
  • is deeply connected
  • owns his life
  • fathers strong children
  • makes dents in the universe


So what is Awakening The Warrior Within?

It’s a journey. A journey into your soul that only you can walk, and it’s taken with other men on similar paths, which creates a bond of brotherhood that can only be experienced to be understood.

We enter the bush for a four day experience that will

Bring clarity to your life

Assist you to let go limiting emotional baggage

Reconnect with your true self

Provide focus for the next stage in your life

The program is just for men and starts on early on a Thursday morning and goes right through to Sunday afternoon. It’s conducted in small groups to enhance personalized outcomes and allow deep bonds of trust to be formed within the group.

What outcomes should I expect?:

This is best answered by those who’ve done the program, but before handing over to them, we have seen men: Get clear on who you really are and Awakening The Warrior Within able to own that for the first time in your life. The euphoric feeling bought on through experiencing a deep connection to yourself for the first time in years is extremely personal and more often than not beyond words. Achieve clarity in your life about the direction you are heading and the decisions that need to be made. It’s like a weight is taken from your shoulders making your personal and professional lives seem lighter and easier to navigate. Let go of deep emotional wounds that have caused huge pain and stopped you achieving your full potential. Stories of the ‘dents in the universe’ made as a result of these experiences bring tears to our eyes.

If that’s not enough, then …

Men have brought back love into the deepest relationships in their lives. We’ve made wives and partners thank us “for whatever it was you guys did out there”. And we’re happy to say that new life has been spawn as a result – so watch out 😉

And this is what men have said about their experiences:

“As a young man I chose a career out of a desire for adventure and camaraderie. I was good at it. Without ever trying particularly hard, doors always seemed to open. And when I did go the extra mile, I found myself rewarded thoroughly. My life was exciting, productive, filled with high achievement, and endless opportunity. I worked hard, was engaged to an amazing young woman, had heaps of high-calibre mates, and a zest for life that was warm and contagious. In late 2005 I was involved in a tragic accident, which changed the way I viewed the world. From that point I spent the next eight years becoming increasingly burdened by a weight of despair and negativity. Running from my pain, I used alcohol to forget. Anger, sadness fear and shame ruled me. My relationship with my wife started to suffer. By the end of 2006 I was in a job I didn’t want to do anymore. The more I tried “forgetting about it” and “toughing it out” the worse it got. And then of course there was the best one of all “judging and blaming other people and things” But I couldn’t find the strength to reclaim my life, and so I just let it all roll over me. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression. Medication didn’t work. Neither did clinical psychotherapy. This was not trifling stuff. My previously overflowing well of self-confidence and self-respect was dry. I was allowing the marginal behaviour of certain individuals in my workplace to get under my skin. I had lost my own inner voice. I was in the grip of external authority, slave to a system, although at the time I couldn’t see it.  On the surface everything seemed fine, I was still managing at work, still maintaining my relationship, and still smiling in public, but in truth I was living a lie. I was in the shadow of my true self and desperate to find a way out, both for me, and my beautiful family. In 2010 I started to search in earnest for answers and resolved to do whatever it took to bring myself through. James is a powerful and dynamic leader, facilitator and guide. His flagship program, Awakening the Warrior is a liberating and world-changing experiential masterpiece. His program effortlessly combines cutting edge contemporary and traditional material with the intuition and wisdom of a masterful practitioner who has lived it all himself. When James speaks, you will feel that it is real.  I can’t place a value on what I have received from these four days with James, but if I had to I would put it at many hundreds of times the cost of the program.

Denis – Northern NSW

  “Awakening my Warrior. I was a few years of personal development ‘down the track’ when I attended [The Centre For Resilient Leadership’s] Warrior weekend. I will admit I headed along wondering what might be new and what might be ‘same old’ but I left very surprised. James has done a magnificent job of developing a course that is simple and very, very effective. One question I still had after a couple of years of PD was how do I create the clarity I want. I left the Warrior weekend with the ability to believe that all desires can become opportunity. I gained this belief by allowing myself to trust in my spirit and accept there is a bigger power than me. If anyone is truly genuine about creating a better ‘now’ for themselves, I strongly recommend the Awakening the Warrior program. It facilitates opportunity for us to be totally honest with ourselves and from there comes change.”

Reece – Queensland




Your Investment:

The program is $2,500, or $2,297 upfront. This includes:

  • the 4 Day experience
  • one month Group Mentoring and online access to our mentor team
  • one follow on mentoring session, one-on-one with James
  • Post event integration modules
  • ‘The Next Step’ online video e-course, to assist you integrate your lessons into daily life

Our Next Programs:

28th June – 1st July 2017, at the foot of Mt Warning, Tweed Valley, Northern NSW. Bookings close 9th Feb 2017.


Where Do I Sign Up?

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