Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

How Do You Know You Want To Make A Greater Difference In Your World Every Day?




Are you ready to EXPAND yourself, and your circle of influence?

Do you wish you could have more TRUST in your ability to CREATE the life you want, and help others do the same?

Does it feel like it’s time to open yourself to REAL TRUTH IN RELATIONSHIPS?


Then Join Us For Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

… the next one is 14-17 June 2017


You’re a woman, which means YOU’RE IN LEADERSHIP.  Why? Because YOU are the one most organisations listen to when they’re developing their marketing plans.Why?

YOU are the one in your family who is most connected to your values. YOU are the member of your family who will LEAD them in the CHOICES that are most ALIGNED with family values


“Female leaders offer transparency, collaboration, genuine dialogue, clear values and the alignment of words and deeds, which are cherished by employees and stakeholders.”

– Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Indiana University


We know all this, but do you BELIEVE it? Because if you don’t, you won’t be get the results you want.


If you’re a woman who wants …


to lead more authentically, rather than feel like the ‘bits’ of your life don’t fit together

to feel more powerful

to feel more confidence in stepping up in your world, so you can make a greater difference

to connect more with your feminine – with that part of you who knows how to BE, how to create peace for yourself

to stop talking about transforming your life and actually just do it!


Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation is for You.

… the next one is 14-17 June 2017


It’s NATURAL for women NOT to recognise their own abilities. It’s NORMAL for women to begin to search for SOMETHING MORE than the masculine-driven career they once thought was what they wanted. Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that ‘having it all’ is not possible in a masculine leadership paradigm.

If you’re not ready for CHANGE, and if you don’t want to step into the GREATNESS you are, so you can make a bigger difference in your world, Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation is NOT for you.

But if you’re ready to challenge your perspective of LEADERSHIP, and reconnect to ALL of your FEMININE ARCHETYPAL LEADERS, You will get more out of this experience than you could have ever imagined. Because you know NOW is YOUR TIME. The time to step into your full power. The time to EMBODY YOUR FULL LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL and EXPAND the difference you make in this world.



“I’ve learned how to navigate difficult decisions with confidence. How to trust my instincts … and how powerful it is to take responsibility.”          

— Claudia Frasca Jones, Leader at CSJ LeMoNaiD and CSJ Kindness Foundation


”To say this workshop is easy or simple would be untrue. To say it is challenging and extraordinary is more like it. What I learned, or discovered, is that owning my shit is extremely empowering. I am able to see clearly where all of my relationships are at, and now as I stand in my truth, I am watching all the unnecessary people and things fall away. I am manifesting more clearly, and attracting the most wonderful friends, teachers, experiences, joy, beauty and love into my life.”                                                                                                                                        

 — Emily, New Hearth DesignsSunshine Coast


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… the next one is 14-17 June 2017


During our time together, we will …

Connect with your feminine archetypes, and discover how you have judged them. Some you will have judged as bad, and some you’ve judged as good. Both judgements have limited you from embodying your full potential as a leader.


Understand why you’re not as powerful as you want to be, because you’ve disowned strong parts of you, simply because of a lack of self-acceptance. You’ll release those judgements of yourself, and immediately FEEL more powerful.


Participate in powerful reconnection processes, so you once again embody ALL of your Spirit – not just the bits that are ruling (and ruining) your life.


Learn WHY it is so important NOW for you to step in to, and OWN your power as A NATURAL LEADER OF YOUR FAMILY AND COMMUNITY.


Learn how to NURTURE YOURSELF and your family with rituals surrounding food, money, time and space.


USE YOUR VOICE in powerful, emotional ways, channeling energy you may not have realised you had access to.


Participate in beautiful experiences, designed to deepen your practice of self-love, enhance your sense of community, and strengthen connection with The Mother, Earth.


Create the BEST version of You – first in your mind and vision – so you know what to do with your emotions and physical body to make You manifest.


Learn how to create more freedom for You, for Your Family, for Your Life, and begin to see the results of your intentions immediately.


”To have belief and trust and love for myself are the most important things you have taught me how to do. I am unstoppable!”                                                                                                                                        

 — Kirsteen, Queenscliff


“I realised that my outside world is a reflection of my inner world. My outside world looked manic, out of control, crazy. This was actually how I was inside … If you decide to do this retreat your life will change. I can guarantee it.”  

– Kristy Trede, Kristy and Matt


Apply for Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation now

… the next one is 14-17 June 2017


I can describe this program as life-changing.  Kirsty empowered me to understand myself in a way that I never have before, and in turn to change the way I am in this world.  In the short time since I completed her program my home life is transforming because my relationship with myself and my family is changing so much for the better.  Kirsty explains everything grounded in scientific fact. For someone like me, with a scientific mind, this meant she could easily connect with me and I could therefore understand and relate to it better.

— Michelle, Sydney

“It gave me opportunity to make time for myself and think more about who I want to be in my relationship, as a mother, in my business and for myself. I recommend the retreat & working with Kirsty to women wanting to grow, nurture or change anything in their lives,  in a supportive and respectful way.”
– Bree Taylor Molyneaux, Hypnotherapist and Owner at Pregnant Possibilities


Apply for Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation now

… the next one is 14-17 June 2017

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