Put Your Hand Up


Hollow?  Anxious?  Want More out of Life?

Is the ground under your feet shifting too fast for you to keep up?


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In collaboration with local communities,

we’re bringing the ONE DAY, Put Your Hand Up Live event

to a town near you. 

Brisbane. Ipswich. Mackay. Cairns. Perth. Sydney. Newcastle. Melbourne. Horsham. Gippsland.


Join us, and:


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngLearn how to overcome self-defeating patterns of behaviour, so you can bring balance to your life, release the guilt and do what you’re here to do


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngUnderstand what ‘real’ masculinity is, so you can feel more confident, more resilient and more dynamic


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngDiscover how you can better communicate with those you love, so your relationships become more harmonious


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngConnect more with your emotional nature, so you can gain greater clarity around your purpose and vocation


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngDecide how you can best integrate your gifts into your own life, and into your community, so you feel more powerful.


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngYou will hear from real people, having real conversations, who will provide you with real solutions, gained through personal experience.


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