Resilient Leaders Facilitation Program

“To Facilitate – ‘To Make Easy, More Simple'”

The Resilient Leaders Facilitator program develops confident, credible and capable facilitators of sustainable transformation within their chosen environment.

Rather than addressing symptoms in a society, community or workplace, the program focuses on enabling participants to become skilled at identifying causal issues, which lie at the heart of all matters.

The program produces leaders who facilitate change in a way that helps individuals address challenges with less turbulence.

Graduates facilitate sustainable transformation, which breeds more resilient teams, who are focused on consistent improvement.

Graduates of this program help individuals and teams take greater ownership in any resolution process, resulting in higher levels of confidence, clarity, purpose and direction.

Program Outline and Duration

The program runs across a six month block and includes:

  1. Three residential workshops
  2. One-on-one personalised mentoring
  3. Group mentoring for modules of study
  4. Online modules of self-paced study


Modules of Study

The program consists of four modules, covered over the six month period

  1. The Psychology of Resilience
  2. Unifying Direction
  3. Building Cohesion
  4. The Art of Facilitation

Each module is designed to enable participants to understand their own personal style and attributes in relation to the essentials of leadership, and how to maximise their effectiveness.


RLFP Module OneRLFP Module Two




RLFP Module Three RLFP Module Four