Superhero Pilgrimage

The ultimate challenge for Australia’s young men to breed better leaders. Responsible young leaders = better world.

Coming Back in December 2017

The Superhero Pilgrimage is a competition for five 17-18 year old young men, and their father or closest male role model, to travel all expenses paid to Tasmania and participate in a seven day initiation challenge of epic proportions. These men will be accompanied by ‘superheroes’ of Australian society, and will be asked to challenge themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, along the route. All participants will be transformed in some way, as a result of their experience. The men will return to their families as a stronger unit, capable of inspiring positive change in their communities.

We believe you get what you focus on the most.

So we want to switch focus from youth unemployment, depression and suicide, in favour of focusing on what we want – a better, brighter future for our young people.

There are lots of great projects out there, which are in the weeds helping the ‘at risk’ elements of our youth, and trying to stop them taking their own lives. So, rather than creating another project along the same lines …

We want to change the focus for our young people and bring light to a reason for living a Real Life. A Life of Purpose. 

The Superhero Pilgrimage was created to provide a Beacon Of Light; a focus of positive attention to inspire young leaders to develop motivation to train themselves out of ruts, across obstacles and challenges and live a life worth living.

It provides a beacon of light for our young generation. 



A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

We firmly believe that our young generation not just need, but want to be tested; to be supportively aided to challenge themselves so that can see what they are really made of.

The Superhero Pilgrimage provides an opportunity for young men to test themselves on a scale most young people will never have been involved in before.

To get a better future, a person must know:

– What they want,

– What they are capable of; and

– To know it’s possible.

With focus, personal discipline and responsibility anything is possible.


The Challenge

A seven day expedition along the incredible South Coast Track. And an initiation, of awesome proportions, into personal responsibility, resolve, persistence, determination and guts and comradeship.

Once we disembark from our chartered aircraft at Melaleucca to commence the trek, the only way out is across 84kms of rugged, mud pans, rocky hills, coastal forests, lakes and coastal plains.

The trail will challenge all participants emotionally and physically.

Some facts about the track:

– follows the wild southern coastline of Tasmania

– known as one of the world’s great wilderness walks

– crosses two mountain ranges and long sections of open plains behind the coastline

– follows the coast along the beaches

– several stream and river crossings

– no signs of civilisation, apart from track work to reduce the mud

What an incredible experience and opportunity, to mark the end of school life and the powerful beginning of ‘Real Life’!


For all of us to see our true potential we need great mentors. 

I learned during my time in the military (Who am I? Read more about me below) to be very careful of the mentors you choose.

If the mentor believes in bullying people to their way of thinking, you’ll end up with a team of bullies.

If the mentor believes in firm supportive guidance and encourages you to make choices and take action, you’ll end up with a real team of people, who feed off each other’s strengths. This team is naturally resilient, and consisting of leaders, each ready to step up when required.


That’s why, to complete our team of mentors, we’ve invited 

some Superheroes of Australian society.

They are men who have experienced life and excelled in their chosen pursuit.

They are men who have faced challenges head on and through courage and strength have risen to amazing heights.

They are men who know passionate purposeful perseverance trumps dogged determination every time.


This crew knows how to get the most out of themselves and others, 

and are now turning their attention to 

the Five Winners of the Superhero Pilgrimage.


These guys really are Superheroes in their own right. 


A list of amazing mentors who will be introduced to you in the coming months.

A Powerful Community Comes From People Who FEEL Powerful Together

Yes, The Superhero Pilgrimage is only for young men this year. This is because our work with Rugby League in youth leadership and resilient transition has demonstrated a huge need in young men currently.

This trek can also be seen as an initiation for young men, before they finish their schooling years and begin Real Life.


Imagine if every young man in Australia were able to experience a powerful initiation into personal responsibility, true strength and courage!

The young men will return to their families and communities to share stories of incredible experiences.

Even more importantly, the men will return as a strong son/father unit, focused on building a bright future TOGETHER for themselves and their families.

People in their communities will see this and become inspired to get clear themselves and focus towards a bright future.

One of the tasks participants will be given is to return home and, with their father, tell their story. They will be encouraged to ask for help, where appropriate, to realize their dreams.

And so the light will be passed on. 

To find out how you can get involved now click here.



My Story 

I’m an ex-Army officer who, after 17 years leading soldiers in combat and humanitarian operations learned what it means to lose myself, break inside and face the demons, to come out the other side feeling triumphant, and like I’m finally living my Real Life.

Whilst in charge of over 100 soldiers in Iraq during my 2006-07 deployment, my vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb leaving me with shrapnel and blast wounds (that’s me, centre front in the photo below).


My deeper, unseen wounds were inside and didn’t manifest until I returned home to my family in Australia.

I could literally take bullets and bombs, but I didn’t know how to, nor was I emotionally able to, be a husband, father, even a balanced man. 

I was excelling professionally, only to come home, trip over a scooter in the driveway and go ballistic at my then two-year old daughter.

My family became collateral damage to a conflict I had mentally and emotionally bought back from Iraq and deposited into my home. 

Then the conversation came that changed my life.

Babe, I will always love you, but I can’t do this anymore! If we don’t get you help, I’m going to take the girls and have to go.

The strength of my wife, Kirsty, to stand up and have this conversation with me was my biggest call to action.

I didn’t know what was going on for me, nor did I know what to do about it – and that was incredibly hard for a guy to face who was use to fixing things for everyone else.

I sought help, chose to recover, and I did so in eighteen short months. I say ‘short’ months, because there are many less fortunate than I who never recover.


When I recovered I felt I had earned my stripes as a man. 

Dad In Vietnam ServiceYou see, Dad was a Chaplain in Vietnam who came hoe with undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress and had a series of depressive episodes afterwards. These forced my parents to sell the family farm because of the stress Dad was dealing with. Even with this burden Dad was able to do amazing things helping many Vietnam Veterans heal their personal wounds.

On top of that he was chaplain to local fire brigade and emergency service personnel at fatal accidents. I’m really proud of him and what he did with his life. (That’s him on the left as you look at the photo).


I always knew Mum and Dad wanted to set my sister and I up in life. They wanted the best for us, but Dad also knew I would not feel successful unless I had created success for myself. One day Dad had a conversation with me.

He said, “Mate if you want to come back onto the land that’s great, it’s your choice; but if so, go away and earn your own stripes, make a reputation for yourself outside my shadow. So that when you come back you’ll be your own man, not Alan Greenshields’ son.”


About five years ago, which was seven years after Dad’s passing, I emotionally realized I had done what Dad encouraged me to do. But I had done it in a different way – not on the land, but in helping people like me, who had lost themselves, find what they were looking for.

As I began to recover, people would come to me and ask for help. Initially I said,

Hey look at me, what help can I be with wounds like this?!

Little did I know, that the vulnerability my wounds called me to display during the healing process was the exact thing that was able to help others own their own pain.

So I trained to help people heal and find direction in their life, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

That’s why I’m hell bent on giving fathers and sons the opportunity to create a life that will go on and inspire others!

Dad and James Mess Dress


The Warrior Project 

The Centre for Resilient Leadership’s Warrior programs have been achieving great success in helping families and organisations achieve greater harmony. Our young people, particularly young men, want to be tested so they can create a sense of inner achievement and success. Our programs do this by connecting men, from as young as 11 years of age, to their deeper sense of self.

That’s how we know this pilgrimage will be life-changing for all involved.

“I left the Warrior weekend with the ability to believe that all desires can become opportunity. I gained this belief by allowing myself to trust in my spirit and accept there is a bigger power than me. If anyone is truly genuine about creating a better ‘now’ for themselves, I strongly recommend the Awakening the Warrior program. It facilitates opportunity for us to be totally honest with ourselves and from there comes change.”  — Reece Kennedy

Warriors image


Why A Pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a ritual journey with a hallowed purpose.

Every step along the way has meaning. The pilgrim knows that life-giving challenges will emerge.

A pilgrimage is not a vacation; it is a transformational journey during which significant change takes place.

New insights are given. Deeper understanding is attained.

New and old places in the heart are visited. Blessings are received and healing takes place.

On return from the pilgrimage, life is seen with different eyes. Nothing will ever be quite the same again.

All ‘Superheroes’ throughout history, whether real or fictional, have been on a pilgrimage of sorts. All have their reasons, but in all cases, the purpose was to connect with deeper meaning for themselves.

The overwhelming results of a pilgrimage is that the ‘seeker’ discovers – or re-members – forgotten knowledge about oneself. For a leader, this is an important and necessary time in their leadership.


We will document the Pilgrimage in pictures – both still and moving – with the intention of producing a documentary upon completion. A documentary is a lasting record of the transformational journey of all participants.


We invite you to join us in creating a brighter beacon of hope.

You know now we are not focusing on the problem to create a solution. We are focusing on what we want to create, so we can help our young people have a clearer vision for the type of world they want to create. When the vision is clear it feels more attainable. When we are bombarded by what is wrong in the world, our vision is clouded.

When you become part of The Superhero Pilgrimage you will be contributing to create a clearer vision of a better world for our future leadership, and for our children.

How so?

The Superhero Pilgrimage is just one of the global initiatives that help young leaders get clear and discover purpose and passion. But you contribute not just to the Superhero Pilgrimage. You contribute to the vision of young men leading their families, parents assisting their young people evolve beyond them, and these families expanding their circle of influence by committing to educating other members of their community.

You are contributing to a domino effect of hope within communities, first within Australia.

You become an important part of something much bigger than you. 


This is happening in Australia but this doesn’t just affect Australia. This is a global initiative. 

We want to spread the word far and wide, so to help us we ask you to share share share! 

Use the share buttons on this post, cut and past, blog about the Superhero Pilgrimage, share our blogs and posts about the Superhero Pilgrimage, or reach out to your friends in a personal email, or even in a letter if you’re old school! 

This Superhero Pilgrimage will change not just the lives of participants, but the lives of their families, their local communities, and the global community as a whole. And because it will be an ongoing initiative, yours will be the gift that keeps on giving. You can bet on it!

To find out more about how you can be rewarded just for getting involved join us at The Superhero Pilgrimage.