Young Warrior Project


Young Warrior I

14-16 years: 27 – 30 Sept 2017

11-13 years: 28 – 30 Sept 2017

QRL (Queensland Rugby League) Young Warrior and Mentor Program: 21 – 24 Sept 2017


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The Young Warrior Leadership Weekend is designed to assist young men develop an understanding of personal resilience and equip them with skills to grow into balanced, loving men.

The Centre Of Resilient Leaderships’ philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to assist people develop a complete self, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This development of, and connection to, their true self is the essence of building personal resilience.

Our culture has lost the traditional elder – child mentoring relationship. Due to this identified need, we’ve established Balanced Brotherhoodthe Young Warrior Project to assist in the growth, learning and development of boys into balanced, respectful Young Men.

The archetype of the Warrior will be used to allow the boys to understand and connect with certain character and energetic traits. To know the Warrior, we must first understand that figuratively we each have a personalise land that represents our self and our personal boundaries. This island is ruled by ‘Our King’ – our True Self, our connection to the Universe/God or whatever belief construct a person holds to the creator. A Warrior always serves their King, receives direction from their King and must maintain a deep connection, love and devotion to their King – their True Self.

Warrior traits include but are not limited to:
1. Strength of Purpose breeding an inner conviction for service to something greater than themselves;

2. Self Confidence in knowing they are acting in truth;

3. Balanced assertion ensuring the establishment and maintenance of healthy personal boundaries; and

4. Ability to act from emotion, as opposed to being ruled by it or acting in it.

The Project:

Ancient culture and modern psychology agree that for a boy to grow and develop into a balanced, well rounded, resilient and mature being, they need approximate 20 quality male role models from whom to learn.

Young Men want to be tested. Parents naturally know this as it more often than not comes across as testing boundaries. This is often mistaken for disrespectful behaviour, when actually what’s occurring is that the young man is wanting to pit himself against someone he knows he will be challenged by.

They want to know:

  • How strong they really are,
  • How much adventure they can really handle, and
  • What their personal capabilities really are.

Sometimes, when we don’t realize this, we as parents may chose a response that closes them down, not honouring the 20141206_171710challenge they have just put out, and not showing the appropriate way to be tested.

The Project follows the way of provided by many cultures of old. They would train their young men until they were often around the age of 12. Then they would put them to the test before they became part of the community.

The test was critical for two main reasons. It needed to show the participant that he had capabilities above and beyond what he thought. He needed to be pushed beyond breaking point, to a point of rebirth and integrated understanding of what it was to be a man and have the strengthens and talents that he possessed. It also was needed for the tribe to ensure they had quality amongst their ranks to ensure survival. So it was required for both internal and external recognition of a persons abilities and qualities.

The Young Warrior Objectives:

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Self confidence through understanding themselves better;
  2. Personal leadership through developing their mindset and connecting with their own talents;
  3. Emotional literacy by providing them with a practical and experiential understanding of their emotions; and
  4. Ability to work as a member of a team by facilitating activities to foster participation and cooperation.

Within these objectives three further qualities are to be fostered:

  1. Trust: Trust in self and in others
  2. Discipline: discipline arising within one self by understanding what they truly want and how to obtain it leading to a commitment to achievement.
  3. Empathy: brought about through a journey in another persons shoes.


The Young Warrior Project follows this sequence across the entire program:

Element One: Warrior Training

Element Two: The Rite Of Passage

Element Three: The Warrior Leads

Young Warrior Schematic


Age Groups

Due to the difference in ability and requirements for young men in their development, we run courses within age brackets. This is to ensure the participants have the best tailored program for them.

11 – 13 years

14 – 16 years

17 – 18 years

19 and over are able to do the Awakening The Warrior Within Program

Family Experience

We can underemphasis just how much this is not just an experience for the participants. The whole family will Child Learningnotice a difference in your relationships. So if Mum and Dad want to also invest time in themselves for their own development, the following programs will aid you.

Women: Embodying The Sacred Feminine Warrior

Men: Awakening The Warrior Within 

When you contact us for more information, make sure to ask about family packages. 

Next Programs:

Queensland Rugby League, Central Division Young Warrior: 13th – 15th May 2016, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Warrior Training 14 – 16 years: 17th – 19th June 2016, Tweed Valley, Northern NSW. Bookings Close 3rd June.


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