Re-membering and Reflection For The Future. 11.11 – How Do We Guard The Records?

By Kirsty Greenshields

Recently, our short film documentary ‘The Ripple Effect of PTSD‘, as part of Kym Melzer‘s, compilation documentary, was added to the records at the Australian War Memorial.

As we attended the Veterans Film Festival 2016, where the film was nominated for Best Australian Short Film Documentary, I took note of  the quote on the wall of the BAE Systems Theatre foyer, which says,

Here is their spirit in the heart of the land they loved and here we guard the record which they themselves made.



This quote sparked a great deal of inner reflection.

I want to tell you, I’ve never really had much time for Australia’s War Memorial, even when I was a serving member. Perhaps it was because I didn’t like the thought of a memorial to war, or perhaps I would not stomach the sadness I felt when I walked into the place. I know, after 2007, when the after effects of return from war caused my family so much heartache, I consciously chose to disown our War Memorial.

As I sat in reflection I noticed things have changed for me. For over ten years I have pursued a path of learning about, and understanding, energy in all its forms.

As individual humans, our personal energy is our ability to embody Spirit – that force which is unseen, flowing and infinite.

It is our intention that shapes this embodiment and provides us with a framework by which we act. When our actions are aligned with the pure essence of our Spirit’s intention, outcomes are also aligned with spirit.

So too with dwellings and other structures built by humans. The intention with which they are built, and the intention – spirit – that is placed within afterwards, symbolises the structure.

Think about an environment in which you have felt safe or happy. Now consider an environment where you felt uncomfortable. What was the spirit of each of these places? What was the intention?

“Here is their spirit in the heart of the land they loved”.



The records we guard at Australia’s War Memorial are a symbol of the spirit of our predecessors, our ancestors, who fought in war for a cause in which they believed – our freedom.

They fought, sacrificed, for something larger than themselves. Whether the cause was right or wrong is not our job to judge.

What is our our job is to honour their spirit – their records.

As I sat in reflection, and gazed upon this dwelling of the records of our ancestors, I realised I had been dishonouring the intention of our ancestors, through my own anger and judgement. And furthermore I recognised that, as an autonomous human who embodies spirit, I have the power to choose the energy and intention with which I associate this place that guards the records.

As a collective of humans who embody spirit we can all choose together, the vibration with which we infuse the building that holds the records.

We can choose to see it as a sad place, which symbolises war and the darkness of humanity.

Alternatively, as I now consciously choose, we can infuse this place of records with love, to honour and express gratitude to those who believed they must fight the darkness to secure our freedom.

If we choose this intention we raise the vibration of our Nation’s Memorial, so it becomes a beacon of light and hope which, by its very nature, draws more light to it.

As the light grows, no longer is it necessary to fight the darkness.