Reality or Fiction? Iron Man, Avatar, and War in The Middle East

by Kirsty Greenshields

I am prompted today to write this article, after Australia’s Prime Minister has committed to ‘provide troops’ to support an illegitimate war in The Middle East.

It it is my belief there are two worlds existing on this Earth right now. The one based in FEAR is afraid it is losing its grip on the population. The degree to which one world feels it must invoke fear is an indication of the power of the world that is living in LOVE.

The balance is beginning to tip. Those who no longer believe, or buy in, to the alleged power of the world’s ‘governments’ are increasing in numbers. More and more people are waking up to question ‘Why is war important?’ And they are not satisfied with the standard answers.

My most recent question about the Australian Defence White Paper is regarding this quote “Australia has a strategic interest in an international order that restrains aggression …” How does war restrain aggression?

People are beginning to question whether it is the supposed REALITY which is fiction, rather than the other way around.

I’ll use ‘Iron Man‘ as my first example. In the movie, a corporation that feeds the war machine creates a fictitious ‘terrorist mastermind’. The real ‘mastermind’ is the company’s CEO, who formulates the entire story around the terrorist, designed to invoke fear in the population and strengthen the case for war.


How does the fiction in ‘Iron Man‘ differ from the current round of fear invocation, even to the point of alleged fake executions?

In ‘Avatar‘, Jake Sully, a former Marine, is given an opportunity to learn the native ways of the Navi on Pandora. The supposed FICTION in this story is that the scientific mission is funded by a corporation, who is on the planet to mine its reserves of ‘Unobtainium’. The operation is supported by a mercenary military capability, which perceives the environment to be harsh and unwelcoming. Jake’s reality becomes the opposite.

How are Jake’s FICTIONAL experience, and the two opposing perspectives of Pandora, similar to our REALITY of information distribution on Earth at this time?



I searched the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website recently, when I was investigating Indonesia’s departure tax. I was surprised to discover that the ‘perceived threat’ level in Indonesia, and in Bali, was HIGH, because of recent Presidential elections. My REALITY in Bali was in fact the opposite. In speaking with many Balinese, they are excited about the prospect of this new President, who comes from the people (not the elite families), who has a degree in forestry, and who vows to clean up corruption.


The REALITY in Australia that is the attempted hiring of police to control a peacefully RESISTANT population in Bentley, who stand to protect their homes from coal seam gas mining, or from deforestation. How do these situations differ from the FICTION of the ‘blue savages’ in ‘Avatar’, who resist attempts to destroy their Home Tree from the corporation’s activities, which are policed by mercenaries?

no csg, northern rivers


We must, as a population, strive for truth. I was once an intelligence officer. It was my job to seek out the bad guys and determine their malicious intent. Then to help the good guys find a way to overcome the bad guys. I left the organisation because I was no longer convinced of its REALITY.

Since that time I prefer to view the world objectively, ignoring the attempts by mass media, and the corporations who own them, to impose filters upon MY REALITY.


As Buddha advised, I do not believe what anyone tells me. I search for my own truth – that which resonates with my heart, FROM WITHIN.



Nowadays, I choose to live in the world of the ‘blue savages’. It is a beautiful world. And it is the same world the FICTIONAL Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), lives in, now he has denounced the supply of resources to the military machine. In this world there is no need for fear of terrorism, because I CHOOSE not to be a terrorist myself.


What do you choose?


If you give it a go, and CHOOSE to live in the world of the ‘blue savages’, to act in the interest of the global tribe, AND YOUR HEART, rather than because the machine is paying you, what would you discover?

If you give it a go, and DECIDE you no longer choose to believe the FEAR, how will it change your life?

If you give it a go, and CHANGE your perception of our world, and of who TRULY holds the POWER, you will help tip the balance.


Because You Are Powerful.

And Your Power Has The Ability To Lead In A New REALITY.