The Bad Guy Doesn’t Get The Girl!

Not A True Masculine ManI was just shown a clip about Julien Blanc.

I’d like to go to one of this guy’s seminars.

I’d really like to have the morning tea conversation with the attendees and ask them: “So you believe the only way you can have a lady go down on you is to force them with your hand? So what you are telling me is that you are not man enough to be so attractive to a woman that she wants to do this?” 

A common misconception, especially amongst teenaged boys, is that “The bad guy gets the girl”. The ‘girl’ doesn’t want the bad guy per se. Matter of fact look what generally happens to their relationship over time. Women want the confidence the ‘bad guy’ puts out. After time, she finds out it is wafer thin and the relationship goes south.

So True Masculine Men, your partner wants you to be confident. For you to create an environment for her to trust you. You desire to enter her body, her temple, and if you simply think you can con your way into a goddess, think again. The passionate encounters that make your brain fry come about through confident connection where she trusts you enough to allow herself to let go, to surrender to the moment and allow unbridled energy to flow through her veins.

So if you think your bedroom life needs an update, start with what you are putting out in the realm of confidence.
All this said, I’ve been working with some amazing men who only want to know how to respect their partners more. This I believe is the direction ‘mankind’ is heading (no pun intended)

If you’re a guy who wants more confidence, you would benefit from:…/awakening-th…/Awakening The Warrior Within