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Your investment of $197 in this program will change your life

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We could try to convince you of what awesome value this is, by saying it’s just $2.35 a day, over 12 weeks, to CHANGE YOUR LIFE

But you already know that it will be awesome value, because you know that’s what we provide.


Each week, for twelve weeks, you will receive a link in your inbox taking you to the lesson of the week. We will talk with you about the lesson, then give one or more tools for you to use throughout the week. In this way you’ll develop your own practical understanding of the information and skills.
We’ve designed it to allow you to take the lessons and focus on one per week to ensure you don’t suffer from overload and naturally gain strength in integrating everything into your daily life – where it counts!
The great thing about this resource is that you’ll have each one of these at your fingertips from now on to come back and refer to whenever a related issue develops.
We will help you:
  • Understand your own emotional gateway and walk through it. As we discussed this allows you to connect to you and those closest to you;
  • Own your three things – Thoughts, Words and Deeds. To own them you first have to be aware of them, so we help with that, then you have the power to change them, and therefore you. THIS IS A GAME AND LIFE CHANGER, when you begin to implement regularly.
  • How to free yourself from YOUR core issues, which prevent you from truly having what you want . In our journey we really found it helpful to understand how we were tripping ourselves up and what we could do about it.
  • Develop your Principles and Values to ensure you’ve got your personal decision making matrix.

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