The Next Step. Week One. Awareness

The Next Step. On-Line Interactive Wellbeing Program


Without self awareness our personal growth becomes sporadic, our boundaries are often encroached and we begin to believe things that are not true about ourselves, which leads to lower self confidence and personal esteem.


As James says in the video, if you don’t have awareness about what’s really happening within you, you severely limit what you will achieve from doing the course.

When we become truly self aware all elements of our life start to open up to us, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So this week is all about helping you raise your level of self awareness.

This is a seven day activity where you will initially focus on one aspect of yourself. As the week goes on we ask you to increase your awareness of aspects, until you’re focusing on every element.



What You Will Need.
For this activity you’ll need a trinket that you can put in your pocket, or on a part of your body – something you will see/feel regularly throughout the day. You’ll also need a pocket notebook and pen to keep on you to record your answers to the questions and daily insights.




Day One: Mental Aspect

Today we focus on our thoughts and our words.

We have between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day running through our conscious mind, and so many of these we’re not aware of. Many thoughts are based in negativity, worrying about something in the future or ruminating about something that happened in the past. These are thoughts linked to one of the five emotions we tend to suppress – anger, sadness, fear, shame and guilt.

Many thoughts have a positive intention but can run just a little too far and run the risk of falling off the edge into negativity.

Here’s an example of how it might go:

“Oh, this situation is amazing ….

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could do this more often ….

But I can’t I’ve got to get back to work ….


When we are in control of our thoughts, we can simply stop at the first statement and allow ourselves to completely receive the gift of enjoying the moment.


So today regularly tune in and bring your awareness to what you’ve been thinking.

Then, at least five times today, answer these questions:

  1. Have my thoughts been taking me in the direction I want to go?
  2. The answer will be either Yes or No:
    1. If Yes – acknowledge and enjoy
    2. If No – acknowledge and ask what needs to happen for my thoughts to change direction and take me in a more positive direction?

At the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself and my thoughts?



Day Two: Physical Aspect

Our body is the most solid aspect of ourselves and often littered with the most limiting beliefs.

Example – “Gee I’m getting old!” “Oh, my body just doesn’t do what it used to.”

Both of these statements can’t be argued with because you’ll use the evidence of ache and pains or restriction and disease to prove it to yourself.

The fact is nearly 100% of the cells in your body will regenerate within a 12 month period.

Yes that’s right, you’ll have an almost completely new body in twelve months. So how do some people look and feel vibrant as they age and some not? According to the amazingly insightful work of Dr Massimo Citro this is intrinsically linked to our thought patterns, which affect our electromagnetic field surrounding our body. In other words …

Our belief system is intimately linked to our physical health.

To read the messages our body is sending us, we must first be aware of our body.

So today is a day of awareness of our body.

Throughout the day do a quick body scan from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How is my body feeling?
  2. Has it changed over the course of the day?
  3. How do I feel after eating/drinking this type of food/drink?
  4. Am I tight in some areas, and do they need a little stretch?

At the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself and my body?



Day Three: Emotional Aspect

When we engage in a situation, we do so with an emotion or two in the background, which guides (or forces) us down a certain path of thoughts, words and deeds. So often we are completely unaware of this causal emotion.

During the course we’ll spend quite a lot of time learning about our emotions, what messages they are trying to send us, and how we can use them rather then be abused by them. To do this, first we must become aware of them.

So today is all about bringing awareness to how we’re feeling.

Throughout the day ask yourself:

  1. In this moment, how am I feeling?
  2. Do I want to feel this way?
  3. If yes – enjoy
  4. If no – how do I want to feel? Now bring to mind a situation where you feel this way, and allow yourself to connect with the feeling and enjoy.

At the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself and my emotions?



Day Four: Spiritual Aspect

So many people believe that a spiritual aspect is something for only certain times of our life, like Sundays.

Our life is a spiritual practice whether we realise this or not. The more we attune ourselves to this the more alignment within occurs enabling us to live in integrity and joy.

For some, the spiritual connection will be to God, Christ, Allah or a deity of your choice. Others use the term the Universe, THE ALL, Great Spirit or Creator. And some simply use my King/Queen or True Self.

Whatever label we give doesn’t matter, it’s the connection itself that counts.

The age old question has been, how do I live my connection every moment of every day? To even start to answer this, we first need to become aware of ourselves and how we connect.

Throughout today become aware of the following:

  1. In this moment, am I doing what I’m doing out of obligation or service?
  2. In this moment, am I enjoying what I’m doing?
  3. When I feel inside, do I feel complete, whole, partial, hollow or stuck?

These questions may at first confuse you, or answers may not come. This is because, over time, we tuned out from the answers. So continue throughout the day, if no answer comes simply acknowledge it and move to the next question. When you have time, sit with the question and see what comes up for you.

Then at the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself and my connection?



Day Five: Mental and Physical Together

Our goal is to have complete aware of all the elements of our self. To do that we need to train ourselves to reconnect to each one of these.

So today, we’re moving to the next level and will focus on two aspects: our Mental and Physical Self.

Throughout the day ask, “In this moment …..

  1. Are my thoughts taking me in the direction I want to go?
  2. Am I enjoying my thoughts?
  3. How is my body feeling?
  4. After I’ve eaten/drank this food/liquid how am I physically feeling?

Then at the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself and my thoughts and body?



Day Six: Emotions and Spirit

It’s great that we do these two together because we can’t have a true spiritual connection to ourselves and surrounds without walking through the emotional gateway – in other words, without becoming one with all of our emotions.

So today ask, “In this moment …..

  1. How I am feeling?
  2. Do I feel I’m in alignment within my self in how I’m feeling, thinking and doing right now?
  3. If you feel restriction or resistance to the last question, it’s an indicator that you’re about of alignment. Ask: what needs to happen for me to be in alignment with myself?

Then at the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself and my emotions and connection?



Day Seven: My Self

Today we bring it all together and allow ourselves to raise awareness of our complete self. You may have already found yourself doing this naturally.

So today lets ask, “In this moment ….

  1. How are my thoughts?
  2. How are my feelings?
  3. Do I feel aligned within myself today?

Then at the end of the day answer: What insights did I gain today about myself?


We trust you have received some great insights this week. We highly recommend not letting these little practices go. The more you do them the more they become second nature and therefore allow you to train yourself to become truly self aware.


Until next week …

Man hugs and Big Love   

James and Kirsty