The Next Step. Week Six. Taking Stock.

The Next Step. On-Line Interactive Wellbeing Program

You’ve been diligently devoted to your emotional wellbeing for six weeks now! We think it’s a good time – half way – to stop and take stock. So that’s what we want to do this week. 


As you know, this course is self-paced. You can go through it as fast, or as slow, as you like. We recommend you allow around 20-30 mins of reflective time for each session. If you feel as though you haven’t achieved much progress, we want to help you change it. 

You get what you focus on. So let’s take time to focus on how you’re moving along the path of emotional wellbeing – where you want to be.

The most important thing to remember is that change is created when you take action.

So if you read the lessons, but don’t follow through with the activities, the effect will not be as transformative as if you decide to let them settle within, and watch how you live them.

One of the things we discussed in the first session is the challenge that some people have an unhealthy influence over them. Often this occurs because we attach significant importance to the person, or their position. An example would be a family member, friend or boss.

We also can find ourselves thinking more about what we don’t want more than what we do want.


This is just another reason why we want to take time to place the focus on showing you how you are walking the path of emotional wellbeing.


Take your attention back to the introduction lesson, and the three people you listed as having an unhealthy influence on your thoughts, words and deeds:





Review how you believed you were allowing that influence to play out.

Now consider what has changed, knowing what you know. What do you notice?

If you feel nothing has changed, go back and review the commitment you made around this.



Now, decide what has changed, or decide some ways to prove to yourself that you’re on the path to changing these relationships.


Next, review your answers to the questions below. 

The first was: List the top five things that you have going on in your life currently. Things that take up your time and energy.

The second was: Heart centre and ask yourself: If I were to know, what is my purpose?

The next question was: Are the two aligned? 



Now, how have you taken small steps to realign what was not in alignment?


If you have moved your integration sheet from plain view, you may want to revisit it also. We’ve included it again here.


We have recreated the integration page you completed during the last session. Print out the linked PDF below and write your commitments in each one of the physical, mental, family, emotional and spiritual boxes. Then put it in a place where you’ll see it every day. For example, on the fridge door or above your bed.



Go back to the previous sessions and review what you have achieved. There is so much information here! We know that, when you allow yourself to take stock you will see how far you’ve already come in a short space of time! 



Man hugs and Big Love   

James and Kirsty