Awakening The Warrior Within – What The Men Think


Are you ready to #ownyourshit and #putyourhandup ? Awakening The Warrior Within Is Where it Begins

Fathers and Sons

This is what happens when a Father has the courage to bring his son and nephew on the Awakening The Warrior Within Program

True Power From An Elite Athlete's Coach

Co-Founder of PinPoint Athlete, William Coffey, provides his take on what he got out of the Awakening The Warrior Within Program

The Wanderers Warriors

Resilient Leaders Foundation took the whole Newcastle Wanderers Rugby Club through the Awakening The Warrior Within Program to assist develop participants' personal leadership, emotional literacy, self confidence and teamwork.

Ryan's Thoughts

Courageous Guy takes on anger issues and feels a huge release. Awakening The Warrior Within Program assists men reconnect with what's truly important to them, get direction in life and focus on what they want.

Courage To Confront His Demons

Clint's seen a hell of a lot in is time. But instead of staying stuck he decided to take action and do something about it. For his kids, and for himself. The Awakening The Warrior Within Program helps men own their shit and reconnect to themselves, and the most important people in their lives.

What Happens When You Take Control Of Your Life

This guy has seen the big ups and downs of life, but is an amazing entrepreneur who's going from good to great in life. This is what he said about the Awakening The Warrior Within Program and how it helped him get clear, focused and kick goals.

Tim's Thoughts

Have a listen if you're a man in transition or wants to find direction in your life. Awakening The Warrior Within is the Centre For Resilient Leadership's Men's Program designed to assist men reconnect with themselves and loved one's, get direction in life and own their shit.

Warrior Rick

Awakening The Warrior Within is a mens program designed to assist you release built up anger and insecurities, get direction in life and put a structure in place to get what you truly desire. It uses the Warrior archetype to explore masculinity and what it is to be an authentic man.

Warrior Donovan

Awakening The Warrior Within is a men's program specifically designed to assist release anger and insecurity, find yourself more as a true man and discover what you truly want to give the world.

Warrior Jeremy

Awakening The Warrior Within is a men's program specifically designed to assist release anger and insecurity, find yourself more as a true man and discover what you truly want to give the world.

Awakening The Warrior Within - What The Men Think

Listen to what participants have had to say about the Awakening The Warrior Within Program. A weekend to help men find themselves, what they truly want and what their purpose is.

Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation – What the Women Think

Sally Imeson, Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

Sally Imeson, leading Australian nutritionist, high performance athlete manager and author of 'How To Feed a Family' speaks of her experience and transformation with Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation.

Michelle Keeffe, Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

Michelle is a self-confessed perfectionist, who allowed herself to surrender to 'perfect imperfection' and connect more deeply with her heart's desire and intuition, which has created more grace and ease in all areas of her life!

Catriona Dudgeon, Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

Catriona, after suffering severe anxiety, is now a pivotal leader in her family, and in her community. She's a dynamo and credits Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation with helping her create her success.

Kristy Trede, Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

Kristy guarantees your life will change when you decide to do this retreat.

Claudia Frasca-Jones, Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation

Claudia shares how Sacred Feminine Leadership Transformation helped her be a better leader in business and life.

Awakening The Warrior Within – Why Would you Do It?

Calling All Dads

Attention All Dad's: The environment we set for our children highly influences their life. Connection with your children is directly linked to the trust you have between you, which is directly linked to how emotionally open you are.

The Big Why

Most stress and depression occurs because a person doesn't know their Big Why. The Big Why when used as a decision making reference declutters your life and sets you up for amazing personal growth.

The Bane of Men

The Burden of feeling like the provider in a family is causing some of the biggest health issues in men today. It's hard when you are stuck in the grind to see, but it is a paradigm. Changing your job won't fix it, you have to change your paradigm.

The Shackles of Life's Roles

Ever had issues with a role you've filled? Without thinking we can find ourselves in situations where the roles we have taken on aren't helping us get to where we want to go. James Greenshields from the Centre For Resilient Leadership looks at how this work and what can I do about it?

Baggage No Man Needs

Ever gone ballistic over something really trivial? Acting in emotion can damage relationships and hurt those we love. James Greenshields talks about the Awakening The Warrior Within Program and how it is helping men to own their emotions and use them, not be abused by them.

ATWW - What Women Want

James Greenshields describes a key outcome of the Awakening The Warrior Within program for men; that being a deeper connection to their partners in ways they didn't expect nor think possible. Men wake up and realise you sleep next to a Goddess.

The Young Warrior

Young Warrior Overview

James Greenshields talks about the Young Warrior Project, a boys to men bush experience, designed to help young men develop personal leadership, self confidence, emotional literacy and teamwork skills.

2015 River School Young Warriors

Resilient Leaders Foundation conducts the Young Warrior Project to assist boys make the transition to Young Manhood. The project builds self confidence, personal leadership, emotional literacy and teamwork.

Young Warrior - People's Thoughts

The Young Warrior Leadership Program is an experience like no other, that provides young men with the skills and knowledge to take the baton of personal responsibility.

Young Warrior II

The River School conducted the second Young Warrior Camp with great success.

Young Warrior - The River School, Maleny Qld

The Young Warrior Within Program is designed to allow young men to understand themselves better through the objectives of: 1. building Self Confidence 2. developing personal leadership 3. fostering emotional literacy 4. building team work. Resilient Leaders Foundation runs these programs for young men to assist in their transition from boyhood to manhood. This video shows the amazing young men of the River School in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast and the adventures they had.

PTSD Journey and Recovery

The Ripple Effect of PTSD - A Story of Post-Traumatic Growth

A heart-opening, raw and emotional short film documentary about Kirsty and James Greenshields' story of healing from post-traumatic stress. They are now advocates of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). Produced and directed by Kym Melzer for her short film compilation 'The Ripple Effect of PTSD', featured at her website

Don't Be Abused By Anger

James Greenshields explains more about the anger that overcomes a sufferer of PTSD and it's impact and how to release yourself from its grip.

To Medicate or Not to Medicate

James Greenshields in response to being asked if he used medication during his recovery, he talks about PTSD Recovery and the use of medication.

PTSD Spectrum

James Greenshields discusses the spectrum of effect that trauma can have for an individual

Help For The Supporter

James Greenshields explains how best to support a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) whilst protecting yourself.

Anxiety into Depression

James Greenshields explains how PTSD, an anxiety condition, can lead to depression. Then he provides advice on what a supporter of someone like this can do to assist.

PTSD Reoccurrence

James Greenshields explains why PTSD may come back if you don't deal with it in a holistic fashion. This easy to understand video gives a suffer direction in their recovery.

James Greenshields Personal Journey with PTSD

James Greenshields, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach, talks candidly about his journey from suffering Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) to living the life of his dreams, and what he did to take himself to the point of recovery.

James and Kirsty Greenshields' Story of PTSD Recovery

James and Kirsty Greenshields explain their story to ABC News Report Stephen Dziedzic, about how James suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), has recovered and now they are helping others do the same.