Why The World Will Be Changed By Western Women

BESIDE every great man stands a great woman.

Truth. It’s somewhat altered from the original statement, which used the adjective ‘behind’. The feminist movement of the 60’s told us us we had to be out front. We had to ‘fight’ the men to have our true freedom. It’s time to correct this perception.

strong women= strong worldFemininism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength

I like to break things down to their most simplistic form, after all, we are all made of space. It’s simple.

This world of Money is Power has been created because men did not feel safe. Over centuries of conditioning they disconnected from the(ir) feminine and have been attempting to regain a sense of control ever since. They created a warped sense of power, based upon success and providing for ‘her’.

A boy is conditioned away from his feminine as he grows – by his father AND his mother, and he becomes a man who views the feminine aspect of his personality as weak.

As a result he loses his full strength – his full power.

queen protects king

This disconnection plays out in his relationships, where he attempts to regain some feelings of control UNTIL he finds a woman who sees his true power and who has the courage to match it with her own.

Remember, we are each equal parts male/female. This woman, in seeing her partner, will recognise she too has disconnected from her true feminine, from the Mother, and she will use his feelings of powerlessness as a way for them BOTH to reconnect with the Mother.

Because she has more of a natural tendency to the feminine, she will lead him and she will create the space he needs to feel safe, as he explores his more ‘vulnerable’ side.

This decision will be tough for her at times, because she may not have many vulnerable male role models in her life, but her gift is her strength – her natural connection to the Mother, simply because she is a woman, and to the ebb and flow of the natural world.

As she tunes in to this gift of a woman, she allows herself to let go of any need to SAVE him, or to drag him along. Like the great Mother Earth, she recognises she will be fine, for as long as she TRUSTS in this ebb and flow.

It is when she does not trust that they both falter. When she becomes blinded by the false idols of power, she will forget the meaning of true safety.


But when she remembers true power, she remembers how to help him.

She remembers her purpose and God-given gifts, because she was born a woman in this lifetime.

It is the basis of all growth – the communion of the masculine and the feminine. Like yin and yang, one does not exist without the other – within and without. For humanity to heal it is time for women to let go of the NEED TO BE SEEN to achieve. This idea is a concept born in the absurdity of false concepts of power.

We achieve simply by being! You have a woman’s body. What a gift! You know it is, because men tell you it is!

woman no validationYou need to PROVE NOTHING.

You do not need money to thrive in this world.

What you WANT to thrive is to see happiness and love as you look in to your world. When you don’t see it, or when you see the opposite to it, you feel sad or angry.

That’s why your world could look perfect to everyone else, and you could have everything you thought you ever wanted, but if your man is not happy, something is missing.

You can do something about it by remembering Who You Are.

You can help a man feel safe by TRUSTING YOU ARE SAFE.

You can change the world by deciding that the power doesn’t lie with the men of the world. You don’t need to be afraid of violence when you remember your power. And when enough women remember their power, there will cease to be violence because enough of the collective consciousness of humanity will be seeing beauty and love as they look in to the world, rather than seeing war and fear.

So, I’m calling all women – Me and Dolly Parton actually 😉

“Stand by your man!”

Teach him. Lead him. So he feel safe to lead you. Until there comes another time when he wants you to lead him again. Then you are beside each other.

Remember Love. Because the world needs you to remember Love right now.


The Dalai Lama said the western woman will change the world. He said it because we have the greatest conditions to feel truly safe, and to not only remember our true power, but use our resources to communicate and collaborate with others, so we can change the collective consciousness to Love, not fear.

It’s not about You anymore. Really, it’s not. You’ll be fine.

It’s about your kids. It’s about the future of humanity as a species. It’s not about Earth. She’ll be fine too. She’s the strongest and most enduring of all of us. And she will keep holding the space.

strong women= strong worldThis is about LOVE.

And it’s up to You to take the lead RIGHT NOW.

You know how to do it. It’s in your DNA. Just sit down, give yourself some space. And remember.

Now get to it.


Love, Kirsty